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Huffington Post loves The Creamline!

18 Aug

I’m in Sicily on vacation and pretty cut off from modern technology, but in my jet-lagged state I randomly logged in to the blog to see my traffic inexplicably skyrocketing. After some sleuthing, I discovered that the Huffington Post included my Grilled Cheese Pull-Aparts in a roundup of grilled cheese recipes.

Here’s what they had to say:
“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.” That is all we could say when we found this recipe. This is brilliant, simple and makes us wish we could reach into the computer and pull off a piece.

Thanks, HuffPost! I’ll take the compliment. And double thanks for the traffic boost!


Zucchini, Green Onion, and Yogurt Quiche with Feta

4 May

I had to share this lovely quiche I made last night for dinner. It needs a bit more perfecting before I’m ready to post the recipe, but maybe it will inspire you to make something eggy and delicious this weekend. (Forgive the iPhone photo!)

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A Nice, Light Lunch

6 Jul

Bacon? Check.
Fried Potatoes? Check.
Giant Crouton? Check.
Poached Egg? Check.

I’m still calling it a salad!

Frisee Salad with Bacon, Potatoes, and Egg

Spread the Word!

26 Aug

I recently turned in a recipe piece for CHOW on easy sandwich spreads made with stuff you probably already have in the fridge. I won’t give anything away, but here are a few photos of the concoctions I made during the testing process.

Most of these are cheese based.

Most of these are cheese based.

Can you guess which one is vegan?

Can you guess which one is vegan?