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Chicken-Ginger Noodle Bowls

23 Jan

IMG_7128What do you think of this steamy, gingery bowl of soup? It’s my non-authentic version of an Asian noodle soup–the perfect winter supper for a family, as each person can build a bowl to his liking. Picky kids can have their plain noodles and broth, but you still get to have a grown-up dinner. Read on for the recipe… Continue reading


Fall Vegetable Potage

21 Nov

The Holidays are upon us, beginning with my absolute favorite–Thanksgiving! I made this soup this week to clean out my refrigerator and make room for the ingredients I need for Thursday, but it’s also a perfect recipe for a post-Turkey Day purge to use up all those odds and ends that didn’t make it onto your Thanksgiving table (and since it’s all-veggie and positively virtuous–you won’t feel the slightest bit indulgent having a very large bowl!).

Potage is just a fancy word for a thick soup. In this “recipe” (if you an even call it that,) simply dice up any veggies on hand, saute the aromatics, simmer the rest in broth (again, great way to use it up), and cook until tender.  Season and coarsely puree it for a hearty and healthy anytime meal that’s perfect for this long, guest-filled weekend.

You can make this with about any combination of vegetables, but for this version specifically, saute a chopped onion, fennel bulb, carrot, and a few garlic cloves in olive oil until soft, then add a diced potato, sweet potato, broccoli stems, 1 carrot, half a leftover can of pumpkin puree, a handful of cremini mushrooms, and a few pinches of dried herbs (and a Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese rind.) Add broth to cover (you can always add more later) and bring to a simmer. Once everything is almost tender, add the broccoli florets.

Once everything is cooked, you just puree it coarsely using your tool of choice (even a potato masher will work!). Season well and serve hot. You can leave it dairy free, although a pureed soup like this is also the perfect place to use up any leftover cream from your holiday cooking. Drizzle bowls of soup with plain yogurt, extra-virgin olive oil and, if you have it, a sprinkle of black pepper and smoked Maldon sea salt.

Potato, Kale, and Roasted Garlic Chowder

19 Sep

This soup turned out so well, I have to share the recipe with you–but please keep in mind that it’s rather inexact, as I wasn’t thinking I’d need to reproduce the recipe for anyone else as I was making it. Some mixed baby kales from Earthbound Organic had caught my eye at the market. I still hadn’t done anything with them a week later, and needed to use them up before they went bad, so I used what few things I had on hand, and made this. It was so great–and (bonus!) my kids loved it, too! Read on for an approximate recipe…

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Easiest Butternut Squash Soup

26 Jan

More snow, and more soup today. Everyone loves butternut squash soup, but making it is kind of a pain–so much peeling and chopping! It’s such a pain, in fact, that it’s sparked the creation of a whole new supermarket product–packaged peeled-and-chopped butternut squash. Ew. I don’t know why so many recipes ask you to peel and cut the raw squash–it’s not necessary at all. Just slice it in half, roast the two halves in the oven, and scoop the flesh into your soup. It’s ridiculously easy. Read on for a how-to and 5-ingredient recipe…

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Tomato and White-Bean Soup with Rosemary

24 Jan

I swear even when I feel like my fridge and cupboards are bare, I can always pull together a pot of soup. Soup is the easiest thing to make, and remarkably fast once you’ve got your basic method down. This was on the lunch table in less than half an hour from start to finish. Here’s how:

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