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Potato, Kale, and Roasted Garlic Chowder

19 Sep

This soup turned out so well, I have to share the recipe with you–but please keep in mind that it’s rather inexact, as I wasn’t thinking I’d need to reproduce the recipe for anyone else as I was making it. Some mixed baby kales from Earthbound Organic had caught my eye at the market. I still hadn’t done anything with them a week later, and needed to use them up before they went bad, so I used what few things I had on hand, and made this. It was so great–and (bonus!) my kids loved it, too! Read on for an approximate recipe…

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Grilled Cheese “Pull-Aparts”

19 Jul

Alright, this is definitely not the healthiest recipe, nor is it made from whole foods, but I have to admit it’s one of my proudest creations of late. I’m unapologetic about the use of American cheese and squishy packaged bread here. This recent article from the New York Times sums it up–this is my comfort food, and, on occasion, I still love it. Everything in moderation, right?

This invention came about after a recent party where I served pulled pork on these Martin’s mini “party roll” buns. They come in a pack of 24–two sheets of 12 rolls meant to be pulled apart and split in half to make tiny “sliders.” I had a surplus of buns after the party and needed something to do with them.

Use a serrated knife to carefully cut the sheet of rolls in half.

On a particularly crazy evening when I didn’t have much to make for dinner, I had this idea: Cut the entire sheet of buns in half, leaving them connected to each other, flip them inside out, and make a giant grilled cheese that can be pulled apart into little sandwiches! Ta-da!

Brush cut sides with butter; stack a double-layer of American cheese and optional toppings on the “bun” side.

Since, I’ve learned that this is a perfect playdate recipe. (We all know that other people’s kids don’t like our “healthy” cooking, right?) Serve this with some soup or fruit, and you’ll practically have a wholesome meal. And at least they’ll eat!

Bon Appetit!

Just a note: be sure to use a moderately hot griddle when cooking the grilled cheese. The thick, dense bread needs time to heat up enough to melt the cheese. You don’t want the exterior to get too dark before the cheese is melted!

Dairy-Free Creamy Garlic Dressing/Dip

17 Jul

I love making salad dressing–whether vinaigrette or creamy, homemade always trumps bottled–always! I tried a great recipe from the August issue of Martha Stewart Living (the content doesn’t appear to be online yet, or I’d link to it–recipe is on page 64. Update: here it is!) It inspired me to try to make a dairy-free version, which I’m happy to report turned out great! Instead of using classic creamy-dressing components like mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream, or cheese, I swapped in raw cashews and ripe avocado. Honestly, you’d never guess it’s vegan! Continue reading

Zucchini, Green Onion, and Yogurt Quiche with Feta

4 May

I had to share this lovely quiche I made last night for dinner. It needs a bit more perfecting before I’m ready to post the recipe, but maybe it will inspire you to make something eggy and delicious this weekend. (Forgive the iPhone photo!)

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Avocado Toast

27 Feb

I’m pretty sure I didn’t invent avocado toast, but I may have perfected it. Besides a nice, ripe avocado, you need flaky sea salt, really good olive oil, and really, really good toasting bread–like my favorite Whole-Grain Sourdough Miche from Bread Alone. It’s a perfect way to use up ripe avocados.

Do you really need a recipe? Toast bread, squish half an avocado over it with a fork, drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkle with plenty of flaky sea salt. Consume.