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Ultimate Ginger Cookies

24 Dec

Ultimate Ginger CookiesThere’s nothing better than finding a great recipe. Whether or not said recipe was created by me matters not. What does matter is that this is the PERFECT soft ginger cookie. With a crackly sugared top and a strong, spicy flavor, this is one for the recipe box (or Pinterest board, etc.) I made 4 batches to give as gifts this season and will definitely be adding them to my holiday repertoire. Thanks, Ina Garten!

I like it so much, I’ll send you to another site to get it!
Get the recipe: Barefoot Contessa’s Ultimate Ginger Cookie

*Note: I did halve the amount of candied ginger when I made these. 1 1/4 cup seemed like too much and took way too long to chop! (By the way, use kitchen scissors to chop sticky things like ginger and dried fruit instead of a knife.)


Homemade “Magic Shell”

3 Jun

Remember “Magic Shell” ice cream topping? That super-sweet chocolate coating that magically hardened into a crisp “shell” the second it hit the ice cream was a favorite when I was growing up. Turns out, it’s super easy to make yourself. Continue reading

Chewy Peanut Butter-Millet Bars

5 Apr

These no-bake bars will remind you a bit of Rice Krispies treats. The process used to make them is basically the same. But I’ve swapped the puffed rice for puffed millet, added peanut butter, and sweetened the whole thing with honey and agave nectar (instead of marshmallows!). The layer of chocolate on top is optional, but why would you skip it? Continue reading

Granola-Chocolate Chip Cookies

26 Mar

When you make granola as often as I do, you’re bound to come up with a few new uses for it. These chewy cookies will remind you of classic oatmeal-raisin and are based on this recipe. Over time I’ve made a few adjustments to make them a bit healthier. That said, they’re still cookies–with a whole stick of butter in them–but I still think they’re pretty sensible. You can certainly try substituting unsweetened applesauce for a few tablespoons of the butter, but I wouldn’t replace more than 2-3. Cookies need butter! Read on for the recipe:

Continue reading

Raspberry Cupcakes with Cocoa Frosting

13 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! I made these cupcakes for my son’s preschool class last year. The raspberry cake recipe is from Martha Stewart. The frosting is an easy ganache one like this, but made with cocoa powder instead of chopped chocolate (I’m not about to buy a pound of premium chocolate to make frosting for a bunch of 2 year olds!). I remember referencing a few different recipes to make it, but now can’t find any of them online. Maybe it was from the back of the cocoa canister? Let me know if you find one!