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Making Baby Food: Chicken

24 Jul

This post comes a bit out of left field, but I promised a friend I’d put it up. My youngest is now 21 months, so it’s been a while since I made any purees, but back when she was starting solids, I took a ton of photos of what I was making with the intention of sharing them here. I promise more comprehensive coverage of feeding your baby, coming soon(ish!) And for those of you who dislike babies and their eating habits, how about a Milk Chocolate Pudding Pie instead?

Lots of people make homemade vegetable and fruit purees for their babies, but almost no one I know ever makes meat. Why not? It’s so easy, freezes well, and they (the babies) really love it. Plus, my pediatrician swears that babies start sleeping better once they start eating real protein. I have no evidence to back this claim up, but I did notice a big difference in my own kids. Protein does digest more slowly, so it makes sense, no?

Ok, so meat…it’s not the prettiest puree. (My photos of making it are not pretty either.) But I promise you’ll feel much less grossed out by the whole situation if you make it yourself. Let me show you how.

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Drinkable Yogurt D-I-Y

21 Oct

This is almost too easy to post, but I still think it’s worth passing along. You know that drinkable yogurt in the grocery store? The kind your kids love, but it’s so ridiculously overpriced, over-sweetened, and over-packaged, you hate to buy it? You can make it healthier and at home with just two ingredients.

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