Cold Sesame Noodles

2 Dec

Before I tell you about the amazing roasted banana cupcakes I made last night for my son’s holiday party at school, I wanted to share this recipe for the PERFECT cold sesame noodles. I made them for the potluck as well. Sesame noodles are a great dish to bring to a gathering, as they’re easy to make, don’t need to be served hot, and everyone loves them (bonus: they’re also vegetarian.) I’ve tried a lot of recipes over the years, and this version by Corinne Trang is fantastic. I think what makes it so great is that there’s so much vinegar in it, making the sauce thinner and more like a vinaigrette.

The recipe calls for tahini (sesame paste), almond butter, or peanut butter. I prefer the tahini, but also have made it with peanut and cashew butter. (The cashew butter version is pretty delicious, too.) I usually end up adjusting some of the amounts, using equal parts tahini and vinegar and upping the honey a tad. But I assure you, it’s great as is.

I found this recipe on epicurious, but if you haven’t checked out any of Corinne Trang’s books, you should. I remember being obsessed with Essentials of Asian Cuisine and constantly borrowing it from the office library when I worked at Saveur. It’s a great book.

Recipe: Cold Sesame Egg Noodles


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