Blackberry Syrup

22 Jul

Photo from

We have a SodaStream machine, and I really love it. But lately, I’ve found their flavors a little lacking. I remembered developing this recipe for Blackberry Syrup while I was working at CHOW. I made a batch yesterday and it tastes just like summer. Just mixed with sparkling water, it makes a fabulously refreshing blackberry soda, and also is a really nice way to sweeten iced tea. I also made the egg cream-style soda that we developed the syrup for in the first place (pictured above)–delicious! (I retested my original claim that you can’t use milk for the egg cream because it will curdle–and it will. I bet half-and-half might be okay, though.)

Just a note–there’s nothing particularly healthy about this recipe (it has a cup and a half of sugar in it!), but it is all natural and homemade, which makes it reasonably healthful in my book!


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