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Fruit-Tinted Sugar Cookies

31 Aug

A few weeks ago, I made mini applesauce cupcakes for my son’s last day of camp. Each cupcake was topped with a tiny sugar cookie, decorated to look like an apple. The cupcakes themselves were relatively healthy, but I felt kid of bad about all the red gel paste I fed those poor kids in the royal icing on the cookies. It got me thinking about ways to naturally tint icing and frosting. Why not try fresh fruit? Using a fork, I smushed up a strawberry with some powdered sugar in a bowl. It quickly turned into a lovely pink icing. I tried the same thing with blueberries and peaches–each resulted in a prettily colored icing with a hint of the fruit used in each. Easy enough. Here are the details:
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Porcelain Nuts

25 Aug

This cooler weather has me in an autumn kind of mood. I’m definitely ready for apples, pumpkin desserts, and Halloween costumes. I came across these beautiful porcelain nuts recently on Etsy. They’d look gorgeous on a bathroom counter, coffee table, or piled in a dish for a low-key Thanksgiving centerpiece. Maybe someone will buy them for me! (Hint hint, family members! Let’s see who’s really reading my blog!)

Image via kg + ab by kgrandey on Etsy.

Time to Bake the Donuts

16 Aug

My toddler is completely obsessed with donuts. While I like him to eat healthfully, I don’t like to restrict types of food. But the most of the prepared stuff out there–Entenmann’s, Dunkin’ Donuts–it’s complete crap. I love Michael Pollan’s rule, “Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.” These are words to live by in my opinion. So with that as my mantra (plus inspiration from this post on the Babble food blog,) I decided to make my own–and make them as wholesome as possible. What resulted is this recipe:
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5 Ways with Zucchini

3 Aug

I recently did this zucchini piece for iVillage. Find the recipes on their site.